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Sharon Gardens

Client: Nicola

Brief: Loft conversion Hackney, Side and rear dormer loft conversion creating 1 bedroom and large bathroom. Shelving built into wall above bed. Large folding doors onto the bathroom.

Timescale: 8 weeks.

We recently completed a large side and rear dormer loft conversion to dramatically transform this family home in Hackney, London and provide the client with a large new double bedroom and equally large adjoining bedroom.

Of course, even with large projects, it pays to make the best use of space possible and the Simply Loft team are experts at doing just that. You might be surprised at some of the simply ideas we can introduce to save space.


Every bedroom requires some degree of storage, but why take up valuable floor space, when you can build your storage options into the wall? This is what we provided to Nicola, in the form of two spacious shelves built into the wall above the head of the bed. But the innovation didn’t stop there, as we installed a fantastic folding door into the large en suite bathroom. Thanks to this fantastic door, whether open or closed, the room remained spacious and unobstructed.

Another issue with loft conversions can be natural light but not so with Simply Loft. Generously sized skylights were installed on both sides of the house, meaning that the most possible light was available during the day.

In total, Simply Loft installed and decorated this idyllic bedroom and luxurious bathroom in just 8 weeks, including all plumbing and electrics. Could your home benefit from a similar transformation?


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