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Not just for Christmas – A loft can be more than a place to hide prezzies

Christmas is practically here; meaning it won’t be long before light footed, London parents tiptoe into their loft to retrieve a sackful of secret Christmas presents, while supposed-to-be-sleeping children delight at the sounds of footsteps emanating from the roof. Of course, here at Simply Loft we know that a loft can be much so more than a place to hide presents. In 2014 alone, we have completed London loft conversions for dozens of families, helping them to transform their idle…

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Simply Storage Blog – Would You Use a Loft Conversion Simply for Storage?

We recently ran a survey which uncovered that a large number of London homeowners would consider a loft conversion to simply provide more storage space. Of course, the most popular use of a London loft conversion is the additional bedroom (and possible en suite) but whether you’re adding a bedroom, a cinema room or anything else to your home, you’re going to need storage options and there are plenty to choose from. Since loft spaces come in all shapes and…

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How Much Could a Loft Conversion in London Add to the Value of Your Home?

How much do you think that a loft conversion could add to the value of your home? According to the latest Simply Loft survey, more than half of Londoners think they could gain up to another quarter on the value of their home; but are they right? Short answer: kinda. Simply Loft is one of London’s leading home improvement specialists; completing bespoke, high quality loft conversions throughout the capital and commuter belt. Recently the company conducted a survey to find…

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Would you rent out your loft conversion?

A loft conversion in London by Simply Loft could put money in your pocket in more ways than one. In addition to improving the value of your property, a loft conversion could provide you with an extra bedroom which you could rent out for some extra income every month. All you need to make a little extra money is a little extra space. That loft conversion could pay for itself long before you decide to sell the house. When we…

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Diary of a Loft Conversion Week 5-8 – Putting the Finishing Touches in Place

A few weeks ago we published Part One of our Diary of a Loft Conversion, and now we’re back for the grand finale.  As we mentioned last time out, most loft conversions in London can be completed in around 6-8 weeks depending upon the requirements of the job. By weeks 5-8, much of the important structural work is in place and it’s time to start turning part of a house into the most inviting rooms in the home. Below, we’ve…

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How to Build a Child Friendly Loft Conversion – 5 Things You Need to Consider

One of the primary uses for a loft conversion in London is making more room for a growing family. Loft conversions are a great way to accommodate more kids with brand new bedrooms designed and decorated to your exact requirements. But there are number of things to consider when dreaming up your home improvements, to ensure that children aren’t only happy but also safe. That’s why we’ve written our 5 Top Tips for a Child Friendly Loft Conversion in London.…

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A round up of our top 5 London loft conversions

As the specialists for bespoke loft conversions in London, every project we complete is truly unique. We design each project to the client’s specific need, whether they’re looking to make room for a growing family or create a show-stopping new master room to transform the whole property. We’re proud of them all but some stand out in our minds, since they required us to go the extra mile and do something extraordinary. So here are our current Top 5 London…

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Funding loft conversions in the London housing market – loan, card or mortgage?

If you’d love a London loft conversion but you don’t have the cash to fund it there are a number of options available to you. But which of these options should you choose? Most of us a have a credit card to drop it on or we could take out a personal loan and work to pay it off. Alternatively, if you’re paying a mortgage on the home you are looking to improve you might choose to remortgage and free…

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Diary of a London Loft Conversion – Week 1- 4, The Roof comes off but what goes inside?

Where will you be in four weeks? It’s not that long a period of time. But in four weeks, Simply Loft could be well on the way to transforming your home with a bespoke London loft conversion. On average, our loft conversions are completed in just 6 – 8 weeks but what exactly happens in that time and what can you expect from one day to the next? We’ve put together our diary of a loft conversion to give you…

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Inside a London Loft Conversion – Interior Design Colours & What They Mean

At Simply Loft, we don’t just build bespoke loft conversions in London we decorate them too. Like everything else we do, the colours we use to decorate your brand new space are entirely up to you. But which colours will you choose and what do they mean? Choosing a colour scheme for your loft conversion is about much more than what looks “good”. The more you discover about colours, the more you realise how closely connected they are to our…

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