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Party Walls – What you need to know

Having an extension put into your home can be an exciting process, but there are certain rules and regulations placed on your property that may set you back if you’re not in compliance with them. One that leaves a lot of people a little bemused are party walls, what are they? How do they work? Take a minute to read through everything you need to know, so you’re totally aware of your rights and obligations when it comes to making…

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Three Loft Conversions That Dare To Be Different!

There’s a time for playing it safe by opting for neutral colours or conventional room designs, such as planning to sell your home in the near future for instance. Otherwise it can be very exciting to have the chance to showcase a part of your life when working alongside the Simply Loft creative team. Our homes are an extension of us after all. Patterned feature walls, Stripes, murals, alternative areas to hide away in. The sky’s the limit when you want…

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5 reasons to improve, not move, in London

The traditional climb up the housing ladder has been disrupted by a number of factors, both positive and negative, in the last few years. However, the trend of improving not moving is only gaining traction, with planning permission for extensions, basements and loft conversions in London rising by 60% in five years. So, if you need more space, but are not sure if you should improve or move, here are five reasons why you should consider renovating your property rather…

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Is my house suitable for a loft conversion?

In some areas of London, four out of 10 homes have had loft conversions. While this figure is mainly reserved for London’s inner city boroughs such as Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea, even the outer boroughs are embracing the loft conversion trend. The popularity of loft extensions is, in part, due to the high cost of moving in the capital, the recent rise in house prices and the jump in stamp duty on properties over £925,001. A loft conversion is…

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How to get a loft conversion on a Victorian terrace

Almost a quarter of all UK homes are terraced. If you are living in a Victorian build, you might find that the current layout does not necessarily work as a modern family house. After all, these houses were built to service a different time with different needs; outside toilet anyone? Now, in the 21st century, many homeowners need their terraced houses to let in light, provide space for ideally more than one bathroom, a study and preferably for children to…

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Inspiring interiors for a loft bedroom

How to pay for a loft conversion

Converting a loft is still one of the most popular forms of home improvement in London. Currently, the average cost of a loft conversion is about £35,000 to £40,000. Of course, this is a ballpark figure and how much it will cost depends on your house, what exactly you are having done and the types of materials you choose to use. Adding a loft can add value to your property. According to Nationwide, adding a loft can add up to…

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Space saving ideas for your loft conversion

One of the main motivations for undertaking a loft conversion is to have more space. Many Londoners, especially those with families, feel like they have outgrown their house, but the capital’s property market makes it difficult and expensive to move. If you do take the plunge and convert the loft, you want to be sure you are making the most of the space you will gain. As loft conversion specialists, we have compiled our top tips for space saving ideas…

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Unusual uses for a loft conversion

Many people hire Simply Loft to create their London loft conversion because they want extra space for an additional bedroom, bathroom or perhaps a study. However, others want a loft conversion for slightly less conventional uses – whether to do with work, a hobby or something else. We’ve listed some of our favourites. Yoga studio Yoga doesn’t have to be practiced as part of a class and, in fact, many people prefer solitary practice as part of their daily routine.…

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A Solution for Middle Income Families Priced Out of Moving House in London

National newspapers in the UK are reporting that middle income families are being priced out of moving house in London as property prices continue to soar. Experts are predicting that house prices will continue to rise until the year 2020, ensuring that the market remains the domain of the rich in years to come. So what do you do if you are a mid to low income family in London on the lookout for a bigger home? With a shortage…

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London Speaks and Highlights the Benefits of a Loft Conversion

For increased living space, or your own personal enjoyment, loft conversions in London are probably the most effective and affordable home improvements. We recently ran a survey, and more than 600 Londoners were asked which aspect of their home they’d most like to change. Incredibly, just 8% of them chose their loft. But for all of the reasons they wanted a change, loft conversions are actually the best bet. When asked for their motivation to modify their home, a whopping…

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