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2017 London Loft Conversion inspiration

If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your home with a loft conversion, then you have come to the right place. We have picked our top four loft conversions to help inspire you to improve, not move, in 2017. Rotherhithe, London: Large rear dormer loft conversion and internal refurbishment This sixth-floor apartment, near the Thames, in Rotherhithe, South East London, underwent a large rear dormer loft conversion and an extensive internal refurbishment. The project included the creation of two…

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london roof terraces

Roof Terraces – London Loft Conversions

Private outside space in London is a rare and popular commodity. Many of the luxury developments popping up around the city are opting to build roof terraces that offer buyers great views as well as sought after privacy. However, you don’t need to be a millionaire to be able to have your own roof terrace; it could be possible, if your property allows it, to create your own as part of a loft conversion. A roof terrace offers an all…

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small bathroom inspiration for loft conversions

Small Bathroom Inspiration for Loft Conversions

Adding an en-suite or an extra bathroom can, according to Movewithus, add up to 6 per cent to your property’s value. Bathrooms have become a desirable commodity and are becoming places of sanctuary and wellbeing; not just places to wash. Jiin Kim-Inoue, from Finchatton, a luxury interior design company based in London, told the Telegraph, “The bathroom is one of the most considered rooms. It equals the kitchen in its aspirations and is now a wellness sanctuary in which to…

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How to have an eco-friendly loft?

From lowering our plastic consumption to becoming more energy efficient, it is becoming ever more important to have a light environmental impact. So if you’re thinking of embarking on a loft conversion and want to be mindful of its impact on the planet, read our guide on how to have an environmentally friendly loft. What are the benefits of an eco-friendly Loft? There are a number of benefits for having an eco-friendly loft, which goes beyond helping the environment. It…

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Keeping your loft conversion cool

During spells of warm weather, loft conversions can get hot and stuffy, and this summer has seen the mercury rise into the early 30s, especially in the South East. If you are thinking of getting a loft conversion in London, then you’ll need to bear in mind how to keep it cool through the summer months. Ventilate your London Loft Conversion It may seem obvious, but having windows helps to keep a room cool and well ventilated. Velux Windows or…

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Brexit, home improvements and loft conversions

London has seen a boom in home improvement in the least few years. While basements have been dominating the headlines, loft conversions have been a popular way for Londoners to increase the size of their homes without having to move. However, with the UK voting in favour of Brexit, what does this mean for the home improvement industry in London? It’s still early days and though much has happened since the result was announced on 24th June, what will happen…

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Space saving ideas for your loft conversion

One of the main motivations for undertaking a loft conversion is to have more space. Many Londoners, especially those with families, feel like they have outgrown their house, but the capital’s property market makes it difficult and expensive to move. If you do take the plunge and convert the loft, you want to be sure you are making the most of the space you will gain. As loft conversion specialists, we have compiled our top tips for space saving ideas…

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Interior inspiration for a loft bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should completely reflect your taste and personal style. This room should be a sanctuary that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and introspect. For many, it’s the room you spend the most time in and having a bedroom you love can help with your well-being and sleep quality. Make your bedroom into a retreat  The fast pace of modern life can leave you yearning for somewhere to withdraw to – a…

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Improve not move: why London is in a Loft conversion frenzy

London is currently in the grip of a home improvement frenzy and loft conversions are leading the trend. In 2015, London Boroughs saw a 13 per cent surge in planning applications for major home improvements. This upsurge in applications matches the drop in the number of homes changing hands in the capital over the same period. In some boroughs planning applications for loft conversions, side return and rear extensions or basements has gone up almost 40 per cent. The largest…

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How to use dead space in a loft conversion

Loft conversions are rarely ever conventional shapes, which makes them architecturally interesting spaces. Sometimes this can pose a challenge, how do you make the most of low ceilings, awkward spaces, nooks and crannies? Here are our top tips on how to make the most of dead space in your loft conversion. Reading Nooks The internet is awash with glossy pictures of reading nooks. If you have a small nook you don’t know what to do with then a reading nook…

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